5 principal lessons to learn from the movie; Ojuloge obinrin

  1. Be careful with who you have sex with: Bobo’s elder sister, Sade, at the end of the movie suffered a severe punishment for her promiscuity after breaking some spiritual instructions. We also notice that any man she sleeps with becomes useless as his virtue and fortune gets transferred to her. In most cases, sex is worth waiting for, zip up.

2. Avoid fetishness and voodoo: This movie shows us how diabolical our society has become. We can see the guy who was a sex addict running mad at the end after the traditional doctor couldn’t undo the consequences that came with the evil charm he made.

3. Not all that glitters is gold: Remember the straight guy who visited bobo’s house thinking he was a lady? Only to get shocked when he found out from his elder sister that he was a guy. But then, it was too late to ask for a refund of the money he had earlier transferred to his bank account.

4. Say no to rape: The street guys took turns having sex with bobo’s sister and in the end, they died. This subliminally highlights rape as an evil practice that needs to be condemned outrightly, and its perpetrators brought to justice.

5. Be wise and take responsibility: After the gateman heard that his friend had carnal knowledge of bobo’s sister, he decided to give it a try. This landed him in big trouble as he was sacked from work. What a foolish decision. That’s not even all. He accused his friend of pushing him to sleep with bobo’s sister. What an idiot! Blame no one for your mistakes, and take full responsibility. 

Worse still, the friend couldn’t accommodate him when he was stranded and looking for a house. Please before you take that next action, use wisdom to weigh the consequences.

While there are other lessons in this movie, I hope this article did its job in portraying the principal lessons we could learn from this beautiful movie.

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The Movie Link: Click here to see Ojuloge Obirin


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